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Family outingLosing weight during the holidays? No. That can’t be right. Holidays are the time to fill in on the good stuff, hang out with friends and not be careful about what you eat, right? Wrong! Holidays are a great time to watch your weight and stay healthy. You don’t have to go to work, you don’t have to sit in one place for long, inexorable hours, and you are free to do as you wish. That could translate in to choosing your food wisely, making up for lost exercise time, and yes, losing weight. All of it in the holidays.


Think about it. What could be a better time to get in shape? You have all the time in the world, and you get to go back after the holidays looking radiant and awesome while others are complaining of “holiday weight”. Mrs. Jyoti Arora, Head Dietician at Artemis Hospital believes that this seemingly-impossible task is very doable. It’s not the ‘what’ that you eat, it’s the ‘how’ and the ‘how much’ that matters. The first rule, she told us is to “eat smaller portions.” ‘When you go visiting during the holidays, people always offer sweets, and it is sometimes too rude to refuse,” she says, “but what you can do is take only a small piece and limit yourself to that.”


The other easy way to stay in shape is to not let up on your exercise regimen. During the holidays, it is a common thing for people to skip their day at the gym. Don’t do that, Mrs. Arora advises. It is imperative to keep exercising, especially when you are consuming more calories. Exercising also helps keep you motivated. And knowing that the holidays will eventually end, motivation is something we could all use.


Watching your weight and actually losing some in the holidays can be easy. Just believe that it is. Happy holidays!


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