How to Lose Weight under the Biceps

How to Lose Weight under the Biceps

If you have a weight loss plan, it must include workout plan for toning the biceps. It is a must for men as well as women. If the women out there think that keeping the biceps fit is the domain of men, they should realise that it is an important part of your appearance. If fat lunges out from the biceps, no amount of make up on the face or skin lotions would fix that problem. So, if you are wondering about how to lose weight under the biceps, know that it is important to exercise your biceps. With exercise, fat would turn into muscles.



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Tips to Lose Weight under the Biceps


  • Make sure you are losing weight – The first and foremost step in losing bicep weight for men, without which the rest do not mean much, is that you need to ensure that you are actually losing weight. Burning more calories than you consume is the cardinal rule of losing weight, whether it is overall weight or around your biceps. Aim to lose 500 calories daily, which would help you lose a kg in a fortnight.
  • Burn fat with cardio – Gradually up the level of strength that you put into your cardio workout. Starting with moderate exercise, such as riding a bike or even walking, you should pick up vigorous exercises such as rollerblading, running and jumping rope. You can lose 700 calories an hour with these workouts.  If you are looking to lose fat on the biceps, cardio can really help.


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  • Dumbbell – One of the workouts particularly suitable for toning the muscles on your arms, which include biceps, is dumbbell lifting. Hold a dumbbell each with both the hands, and fold your arms towards the chest. Put it back down gradually, making sure it goes down straight. Ask for the ideal weight of the dumbbell based on your body weight. A fitness instructor can help you in determining this.
  • Bicep curl – This is a workout specific to your biceps. You need to place your elbow inside your knee and workout in this posture. The weight you choose should be neither too much nor too light. Just make sure that it is challenging for your body.



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If you workout comprehensively, it can go a long way to help you lose weight from upper arms. You need to start as soon as possible on this aspect of your weight loss plan, if you have not done so already.


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