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The weight issue is always an oversensitive subject for women. It is a difficult task to gain weight when you’re skinny unless a right approach is pursued.

weight gain schedule womenWhether you are a man or a woman, you will have to make certain changes to your lifestyle when trying to gain weight. Women have less muscle-building hormone than men, but they can still work on increasing muscle mass and gaining weight by following an appropriate workout program.

Here’s a workout schedule for women trying to gain weight.


Exercise with weights

You need to pursue lean muscle weight gain by exercising and lifting weights. Seek help from a fitness trainer who directs you in the right direction. Practice exercise such as biceps curls, chest fly, bench press, squats with weights, dead lift, overhead press and pushups. These exercises work larger muscle groups and facilitate even fat distribution.


Limit cardio

When trying to increase weight, you must focus on strength training. Cardio and aerobic exercises are important too, but make sure you do them for less time (say 5 minutes before and after workout). If you continue to run on the treadmill, you’ll burn more calories and lose more weight.


Increase calorie intake

Many simply don’t gain weight because of their genetics, while some don’t take enough calories and burn more than they consume. There is nothing that you can do about your genes, but you can increase your calorie intake; but not by eating a lot of saturated fat.


Focus on food groups

Focusing more on certain food groups can help you achieve fast results. Make sure you consume 20 to 40 percent of your calories through proteins each day. Some of the excellent sources of protein are chicken breast, eggs, fish and milk. You need to eat 30 to 40 percent of your calories in carbohydrates. Incorporate potatoes, brown rice, oats, pasta, whole grains, black beans, sweet corn and broccoli in your diet. Unsaturated fat should make 30 percent of your total calories. Avocados, nuts and oils are some of the sources of unsaturated fats.


Make a meal plan

You need to have a specific diet plan to get a buff physique. Make your body absorb higher amount of nutrients by eating six times a day. Eating more not only helps those trying to pack on pounds, but has proven to benefit people trying to lose weight too.


Get a good night’s sleep

Sleeping for at least eight hours every night is one of the important aspects when trying to gain weight. When you sleep, your body restores itself and makes you ready for your next workout.



In order to gain weight, you have to incorporate exercise and eat a proper diet. Besides, discipline and consistency are key factors to achieve weight gain goals. There can be many reasons you are not able to gain maintain healthy weight. If you are having troubles gaining weight or are consistently losing weight, you should see a doctor for the possibility of any underlying medical conditions.



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