Reason why men should get rid of underarm hair

Our question is, when the whole world storms against growth of hair under a woman’s arms, why is it okay and supposedly “manly” for men to have a full mane under their arms? Well, if you ask the girls, they’d give you reasons why men should absolutely shave their underarms at least once in a while.
At this time and age, manscaping is not unreal. And, if you do manscape, even remotely, why not go about it full-fledged and see where you stand? 

should men shave armpits

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and if you see giant tuffs of hair emerging out of your armpits, you definitely need a trim there. Most women have confessed to finding armpit hair quite disgusting, while a minority pronounced their ignorance blatantly in an attempt to convince that no one really cares to look at a man’s under arms so carefully. But, the truth is, men’s grooming is picking up and we aren’t too far from actually seeing men with literally no under-arm hair in the next ten years.


What does science say?

Science brings to us an interesting paradigm with regards to a man’s underarm hair and his tryst with it for centuries. Daniel Lieberman, Ph.D., professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard University says that armpit hair in men could have once been an important asset in attracting a mate.

For instance, men may have required armpit hair to trap their sweaty scent for the sake of attraction. Perspiration contains steroids, proteins, lipids and other chemicals that tend to act as “information”. But, so far as the 21st century is concerned, you do not require body odor to attract a mate. In fact, that might just repel one.

So, the relevance of armpit hair is becoming less significant by the day making it a rather unnecessary asset. Get that shaver and trim it today!


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