2 Safe and Natural Alternatives to deal with Kids Cough and Cold

Children get around 10 to 12 colds every year and their parents usually want to give them quick relief from the symptoms. In most cases, parents give their children either prescribed medicines or over-the-counter syrups or medicines. However, authorities have recently expressed their concerns over giving these medicines and syrups to younger children.


natural alternatives for kids cough and cold

While there are discussions about the age above which the use of such medicines for cold and cough symptoms could be safe, it is clear that these medicines should not be given to children below the age of 2 years.


There is always something in the kitchen that can help

So, how will you relieve your toddler’s cold and cough? Well, you can always rely on these 2 major natural and effective home remedies.


Herbal syrups

A German company Bionorica recently introduced Sinupret and Bronchipret to fight symptoms of cold, cough and sinus. Sinupret, a syrup for kids, is made from herbs specific to Europe such as cowslip, sorrel, vervain, gentian and elder.




Elder contains compounds that inhibit viruses, cowslip is a traditional bronchitis remedy, vervain is used for colds and for soothing frazzled nerves, sorrel is used to reduce fever and gentian relieves inflammation and pain. Sinupret has proved its effectiveness in lab tests against cough and cold symptoms. It can help clear clogged nasal passages and decongest sinuses.




On the other hand Bronchipret is a syrup made from thyme, which reduces coughing spasms and effectively kills bacteria and viruses. It also helps in thinning down mucus to ease discomfort.


How much of these herbs should you take?

Dosage directions are mentioned on the labels of both the products.So, the next time your child experiences symptoms of cold and cough, avoid OTC medicines and syrups. Such solutions may soon carry warnings regarding use to treat medical problems in children. So, go for natural and safe treatment options such as the ones above that are made from herbs and have no side-effects.


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