Can weight loss make you feel weak

Weight loss can be of two types. One is the healthy kind which comes about through exercise and wise food intake. The other is just dieting or even worse, fasting. However, it is common knowledge that when body weight is lost, so are the vitamins and minerals. So, it is important that everything is regained and balanced out when you eat. It may sound weird but eating is very important when looking to lose body weight.


Let us have a look at some factors for your weak feeling during weight loss: 

Diet and fasting

A mindless crash diet or an attempt at fasting can certainly make you feel weak. These methods of losing weight are harmful and never do any good. It is common sense that the body needs all the lost nutrition, and when you deny it, you are subjecting your body to tremendous wear and tear.

Losing more weight than required

Many times people tend to lose more weight than required due to varying reasons. There is a need for extra energy supplies when weight loss gets out of hand. If it is not provided, the body begins to draw tissues and muscles for energy supply, thus making the system weak and often causing fatigue.

Going on a vegetarian diet

Going on a vegetarian diet may cause weakness in you. This is simply because non vegetarian food like meat and fish has more calorie count and more protein than vegetables. Yes you do get a lot of minerals and vitamins but that should not be at the expense of the essential nutrients such as carbs and proteins.

Low on Carbohydrates

Therefore, it is important that your carbohydrate intake is good, no matter what diet you are on or what exercise you are doing. By limiting carbohydrates you are increasing your chances of hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar condition, malnourishment and fatigue.

Over – training

Yes, we all know the good feeling that we get while working out. It is indeed a great one but be careful not to over exhaust yourself. Working out to lose weight is perfectly normal and in fact a better way than just dieting. However, you need to keep in mind that the work out session does not exceed your physical capability. Over training may cause your muscles to get fatigued and you may feel drained out of your energy.

So, during your period of weight loss struggle, do remember to play safe to guard against weakness and always consult a dietician or a doctor if needed.

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