Healthy eating plan for a single mom in budget

A single mother may find it a disturbing task to keep her budget while feeding her children and herself well. The crux of the matter here is eating healthy and in order to do that it is very important to keep a watch out for what you eat while keeping the budget in mind. For most mothers the idea of battling a job alongside raising children is a hard bargain but knowing what to do can very easily help to overcome the issues.

Healthy eating is the answer to most diseases and sickness besides, the more we keep a watch on our diet, the better our chances are of keeping fit. Children after all have loads of complains regarding food and often we get fed up and end up giving them foods that aren’t particularly healthy. Budget eating plan for single moms can be tackled easily by following the steps given below.

Chalk out a plan

Probably the mist but a significant part, chalking out a plan is essential for budget and healthy eating. To make an economic diet plan for single mothers, it is important to have a limit on the budget meaning there should be a line that shouldn’t be crossed when shopping for groceries. One good way to do this is by avoiding ready to food, as these are not at all nutritious, while being expensive at the same time. Also you must make a list of all things you require, as this will help you know what to include in the diet. Making sure that all the important nutritious foods such as milk, poultry, green veggies, fruits and lean meat are included is a good way to keep the focus on the essentials. One must also remember to shop at the local grocery instead of super markets as your local grocery would usually have fresh products.

Stay on budget

A good way to keep focus on an economic diet plan for single mothers is by staying on budget. This means that you should have a complete understanding of your money and all purchase should be done in accordance to that. You can do this by staying off meat for three days a week as meat tend to be more expensive than veggies. You can also do this by avoiding excessive junk food that can have an adverse effect on your health. A good budget is that which takes care of all your needs without being heavy on your pocket. Try to shop locally instead of travelling a distance which would cost for commutation. Also, if you have eaten healthy for dinner, keep some for next day’s lunch. This will help you save up on one meal and also keep you from over-eating.

Meals on-the-go

Often it is found that we tend to get hungry when outdoors, and end up spending money on eating something from the outside. Well, this would not just drill a hole in your pocket but could be harmful for your health too. Therefore, it is always a good idea to pack some food when going out. Keep some dry fruits handy, an apple and two bananas, some hard-boiled eggs, a packet of biscuit and a bottle of clean drinking water. This can cut down your budget and your waistline to a great degree.

An important thing to note here is that the kind of food you eat will ultimately reflect on your children’s health. Therefore, while keeping in mind the taste buds and preferences it should be of utmost priority that the foods served are healthy and fresh. Always go for brown breads and rice, and include poultry, green veggies and fruits in the diet.

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