Smart makeup tricks to cover up a hickey love bite

Making love is not the problem, but the proofs that narrate the entire story of your love making session are the things to worry about. Yes, bites, hickey, bruises that surface your body after an intercourse session is something that can bring uncalled attention and embarrassment. However, you cannot just stop your lover to show his or her affection because you don’t want to get embarrassed the next day with all the marks on your neck.




What if we tell you that now you can make love and don’t have to worry about the bite marks on your neck as we teach you the perfect hickey cover up tricks? Read on!



Turtle necks to the rescue

Well, the most easy and simple hickey cover up trick is to wear a turtle neck. We know that it is summer and there is no sensible reason to wear a turtleneck in such a hot weather but there are turtle neck t-shirts available in the market with light fabric. You can choose a very casual style, so that no one sniffs out the reason for you to wear a turtle neck.



Scarves to the rescue

You can just go and grab a scarf and tie it around your neck and tada! No one will ever know what happened last night. Yes, scarves are the best and stylish hickey cover up till date. Whether you are a guy or a girl, you can always hide your love bites with scarves in a better and easier way.



You can use makeup to cover hickey

If you don’t feel like wearing a turtle neck or a scarf, you can always put on some make on the hickey mark and hide it. Surely a hickey is embarrassing but makeup does the trick to save you from unwanted controversies.



Concealed may help

Concealer makeup is another simple way of hiding a hickey mark. You don’t have to be a master in makeup. All you have to do is apply a little concealer on the hickey and nothing else. Just buy a concealer that will match your skin tone and won’t look odd.



Cold compressions

This is a bit tricky method but works most of the time. The hickey will almost vanish if you apply cold compression on the hickey mark and in few hours the hickey mark will start to fade.

Know one thing, you must not press the hickey, it will only worsen the mark.


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