Home remedies for shaving discomfort

Shaving can scrape and cause damage to your skin. Most men often complain of cuts and nicks with specks of bleeding. The morning ritual of shaving can be an annoying experience for men. The effects for women who shave their underarms and legs can be more pronounced because of more delicate skin.


home remedies for shaving discomfort


To make shaving easy and effective, here’s what you can do.

Oil massage a day before – A day before you shave, apply walnut oil and almond oil onto the skin. It gives your skin Vitamin A and Vitamin E that keep the skin healthy and decrease discomfort for shaving.

Moisten the skin with warm water
– Take a warm shower before you shave. Warm water prepares your skin and make hair softer. Moreover, it raises hair so that they can be cleaned cleanly. If you don’t have time for warm shower, keep a wet washcloth on the face for at least 10 minutes before you start shaving. Importantly, never ever shave dry!

Shave with the grain – Never shave against the direction of your hair growth but use razor with the grain to reduce the likelihood of your skin getting irritated. If you go against your hair growth, it can cause irritation and bumps.

Use aloe after the shave – After you are done shaving, apply aloe vera immediately. Aloe has calming effect on the skin to lower the skin irritation if there is any.

Turmeric for cuts and scrapes – If you get razor burns, apply paste of turmeric around it. It not only stop skin irritation but also promote skin healing The herb has anti-microbial properties and is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.


If you follow the above mentioned precautions, your skin will feel calm and smooth.


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