Weight gain yoga asanas for girls

In today’s world, where most of the people have a sedentary lifestyle, yoga has emerged as a saviour for girls who in their growing years need some kind of an exercise to keep themselves fit and stay healthy even in the long run. Yoga is leading and a very popular mode of exercise and fitness regime.

Yoga is a form that used to been practiced by sages and through the years has seeped down to be one of the most sought after lifestyle technique. Among the many advantages that are associated with yoga, there lies the aspect of a healthy weight gain regime.


To start with, one must indulge in light workout. This must be done under a well trained yoga instructor. An initial stretching helps to warm the body, thus lowering the risk of a muscle pull. Some such start-up exercise may be in the form of a ball and band exercise or even yoga postures like warrior, mermaid, the balancing stick and the like, strictly under the guidance of a trained practitioner.

Girls may opt for a very well known yoga asana known as the surya namaskar or the sun salutation asana. Practicing surya namaskar about three to five times in a day has been seen to be very helpful in weight gain. This keeps the body in balance.

Another asana that is helpful for girls aiming to gain weight is the cobra pose, known as bhujang asana. Other such helpful ones include the dhanur asana or the bow pose, the chakra asana or the wheel pose, hal asana (plough pose) and even the sarvangh asana (shoulder stand pose). All these asanas help the lean body gain strength and balance. It also proves to be helpful in attaining the right posture.

In order to gain weight, girls may opt for the butterfly or rocking the baby poses in yoga. Practicing this for about ten to twenty times a day, again, under a trained supervisor, improves blood circulation in the lower part of the body. Also, through this exercise, the fat gets deposited in the buttocks.

After this, you can start with pranayam. Do this for a span of ten minutes. It is known to keep the mind and body relaxed as well as improve concentration levels throughout the day. Note that when you are during pranayam, it is compulsory to keep your eyes closed and do it very gently. Do pranayama empty stomach and do not eat anything for about 30 minutes after doing pranayama. For best results be regular.


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